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What happens when your mobile phone is put in a blender? Watch video

Scientists blend a phone to find out what actually goes into making one Photo: Twitter

Scientists blend a phone to find out what actually goes into making one.

A British University went all out to tell us what all elements are present in our phones.

A team of scientists at the University of Plymouth conducted an experiment in which they put a phone in a blender and converted it into powder to find out what actually goes into making one.

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At the end of the blending process, they were able to break down the contents to 7 petri dishes.

The lead scientist of the experiment, Dr Arjan Dijkstra, who is the Earth Materials scientist at the university said, “We know what’s in there in these phones, we can actually work out how much of each element is in there and we can actually try and work out where they’re coming from.”

On studying all the 7 petri dishes carefully, the scientists figured that the final product which is the phone has many elements that are present in abundance on the planet, such as Iron and Silicon.

However, other elements such as Tungsten are acquired by mining in the African Conflict Zones. The phone that was blended also contained 200 mg of rare elements along with traceable quantities of Silver and Gold.

In the end, the experiment showed that at least 15kg of ore has to be mined to make one phone. This number looks really big when you realise that every year approximately 1.4 billion phones are produced.

The scientists concluded the experiment by stating that the excessive mining puts a great amount of strain on the planet and the best way to go about it is to encourage the recycling of smartphones.