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Bharti Singh on Kapil Sharma’s changed lifestyle post marriage: Ginni is taking great care

Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh talks about the changes marriage has brought in Kapil Sharma.

Everyone is talking about the drastic changes marriage has brought in the life of Kapil Sharma. The comedian himself admitted how he now wraps up shoot on time to be with his wife. Even the stars on the show reveal how they no longer have to wait for him. Bharti Singh confirmed to that Kapil not only finishes shoot on time, he has also become very calm and patient.

“He comes on the sets cut to cut, and is always on time. We always finish the shoot on time and I always think that Ginni is very lucky and she is very sweet. She sends food not just for Kapil, but also for all of us,” Bharti said.

Few people know that Ginni is Bharti’s childhood friend. The comedienne is all praises for her. Ginni is taking great care of Kapil, right from yoga to sending him to the gym to boiled vegetables and everything else. Kapil bhai has also become very calm and patient,” she said.

Bharti Singh also revealed how shooting with Kapil bhai is a fun-filled experience for her and the cast and the crew. “Kapil Bhai gives so much of space whenever anybody enters. It is me or Krushna or anyone for that matter, he only gives the cue. I mean for someone who is so big and who has a show in his name, he doesn’t have to let others speak, but he just gives a cue and whoever enters, that person totally owns the stage. In fact, there are instances when he himself goes on the side so that we get our comfort. There is no tiredness, and shooting is really fun,” she revealed.

It looks like everything is perfect in Kapil’s world, thanks to wifey.