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Budget 2019: Have you shared your budget wish with Nirmala Sitharaman yet?

If you have any suggestions—be it about subsidies, taxation or policy—you are free to share your idea with the finance ministry. (Photo: Reuters)

The pre-budget consultations meeting commenced on Tuesday as the finance ministry continues to brainstorm ideas to mitigate economic risks that could affect the country’s growth. The consultations with sectoral experts will be held from June 11-23.

But Nirmala Sitharaman has gone one step ahead of her predecessors and asked for consultations from the public-an opportunity that allows you to be a part of the budget-making process.

Those interested in sharing inputs with the finance ministry can now post their ideas directly a forum under the MyGovIndia portal. In fact, you can also share ideas directly on a thread posted by Nirmala Sitharaman-something that has never been proposed by her predecessors.

All you have to do is log in on this portal and share what you think could be a valuable addition in the budget plan for 2019-20.

Since the announcement of the initiative on June 6, many suggestions have been received by the government.

Thousands of suggestions have poured in on Nirmala Sitharaman’s tweet and some have even welcomed the idea of consulting the general public and making them a part of the budget-making process.

While the final call will be taken by the finance ministry, consulting with the citizens of the country before the budget could help in better structuring.

Till now, most of the replies received on Sitharaman’s twitter post indicate that people want a reduction in income tax-a change which even economists have upvoted in the aftermath of the slowdown in economic growth.

Another demand that featured on most tweets is to reduce unemployment, which is at a multi-decade high.

That said, if you have any suggestions-be it about subsidies, taxation or policy-you are welcome to share your idea as soon as possible.